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We offer a wide range of plants under different categories to a client base all over the world. Our nurseries at Kalagedihena, Chilaw and Ambewela can offer you a wide range of tropical and temperate plants with an incomparable quality. Our product range includes un-rooted cuttings, rooted cutting, cut foliage and tissue cultured plants. We also grow an interesting range of aquatic plants to cater the local and global customers. We consider it our main responsibility to market nothing short of the best quality plants.   We are a company with over 20 years of experience in plant tissue culture and nursery production. The company consists of two tissue culture laboratories which are manned by well experienced staff with a total capacity of over 4-5 million plants annually. We export to countries such as the Nethrelands, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, Qatar and Bahrain.
  With over 25 years of experience in tissue culture and biotechnology, the company’s capabilities have been recognized locally as well as internationally.

The company has a Public-Private Partnership with the Ministry of Fisheries, Sri lanka to propagate aquatic plants through tissue culture, funded by the Asian Development Bank.

The company has been awarded consultancies by the Ministry of Environment, Qatar, for capacity building and development of protocols. The company has also provided employemnt to qualified personel from Sri Lanka at the Biotechnology Centre in Qatar.

We are also working on developing the horticulture industry in Rwanda partnering an American company at the invitation of the Government of Rwanda.

Serendib Horticulture Technologies (Pvt) Ltd was formed with the specific purpose of undertaking Agri-business activities in horticulture. The company specializes in horticulture and bio-technology, growing a wide and varied range of top quality house plant in scientifically managed nurseries which extend over 50 acres. The company also has undertaken international consultancies in biotechnology and has the capacity to undertake projects related to setting up of biotechnology projects, micro propagation etc. Production of aquatic plants through tissue culture is one of the latest additions to the portfolio. The company is situated 35 Km from Colombo, the Commercial Capital of Sri Lanka.

The Company is excellently equipped with state of the art equipment and manned by specially trained personnel to handle all aspects of the horticulture business. This include the growing of mother plants, propagation through tissue culture and vegetative methods, meticulous quality control and packing for export and delivery.

At the heart of this complex is a modern Tissue Culture Laboratory, one of Asia’s best.

The company’s plants are exported to discerning markets abroad. Having established itself as a relive supplier of quality products, it has moved on from the initial buyer, Holland, to capture a substantial share in the critical markets of Europe, Japan, Korea, Canada, USA and the Middle East.